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Structural options


Optimal structure for private equity investments

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Optimal structure for venture capital

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How we structure employee co-investment vehicles

Cayman partnership

We create a Cayman partnership for your firm and use share classes to facilitate investor ownership in a particular opportunity.

The cayman partnership does not have a defined term; it continues to exist as long as the co-investment program is running.

Global Reach

This structure supports investment from employees globally (based on eligibility). We also support making investments in funds domiciled in multiple regions.


The share classes support open-end and closed-end funds (including redemption periods for open-end funds) and multiple capital call schedules. Navable can easily add new share classes as new opportunities are made available to employees.

Investor Onboarding:

The Navable Onboarding solution handles the entire investor experience from indication of interest to deal close. The solution is built with a cutting edge no code interface so anybody on your team can design a fund application process in minutes. The investor experience is straightforward and completely digital. No more coordinating paperwork and chasing wet signatures!

Key Components:

  • Fund Marketing Page
  • Indication of Interest
  • Eligibility Application - fully global covering eligibility requirements for 30+ countries
  • AML/KYC Review
  • Tax & Fund Documents - all completed & signed digitally

Investor Dashboard:

Our Investor Dashboard is accessed via company single sign-on, making it completely seamless for your employees to view all the key metrics related to their current investments, download and view statements & tax documents, or take action on capital call notices. 

Soon, we will be adding employee carry management and also Navable Secondary- a place where investors will be able to buy & sell eligible investments.

Admin & Analytics:

What good is a turnkey employee co-investment solution without analytics? 

With the Navable solution, firm executives will be able to monitor the co-investment program at a macro level or drill down into individual fund participation metrics.
You will be able to set goals for employee fundraising at a fund level and measure that against actual commitments as they come in.

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